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Individual 2.5 and 3 inch Double waterproof (PUL) G-Tube Pad

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Price: $2.50 each
Item Number: GTPD WP
Manufacturer: Julia's Special Needs Sewing
Washable and Reuseable G-Tube Pads. Made with flannel and warm and natural batting in the middle with a waterproof backing(PUL). To help protect clothing from wetness.


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GTPD WP 2.5 inch
GTPD WP 3 inch
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Floral
GTPD WP 3 inch Floral
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Butterfly
GTPD WP 3 inch Butterfly
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Robots
GTPD WP 3 inch Robots
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Cheetah
GTPD WP 3 inch Cheetah
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Dinosaurs
GTPD WP 3 inch Dinosaurs
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Monkey
GTPD WP 3 inch Monkey
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Owls
GTPD WP 3 inch Owls
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Cupcakes
GTPD WP 3 inch Cupcakes
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Pink with white dots
GTPD WP 3 inch Pink with white dots
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Frog
GTPD WP 3 inch Frog
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Duck
GTPD WP 3 inch Duck
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Monsters
GTPD WP 3 inch Monsters
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Turtle
GTPD WP 3 inch Turtle
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Light Pink
GTPD WP 3 inch Light Pink
GTPD WP 2.5 inch White with Pink Circles
GTPD WP 3 inch White with Pink Circles
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Royal Blue
GTPD WP 3 inch Royal Blue
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Purple
GTPD WP 3 inch Purple
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Yellow
GTPD WP 3 inch Yellow
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Red
GTPD WP 3 inch Red
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Birds
GTPD WP 3 inch Birds
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Pirate
GTPD WP 3 inch Pirate
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Camo
GTPD WP 3 inch Camo
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Black with Pink Flowers
GTPD WP 3 inch Black with Pink Flowers
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Multi Color Chevron
GTPD WP 3 inch Multi Color Chevron
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Black Chevron
GTPD WP 3 inch Black Chevron
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Dark Pink
GTPD WP 3 inch Dark Pink
GTPD WP 2.5 inch Mint Green
GTPD WP 3 inch Mint Green

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Julie Good (Wentzville, MO) 6/6/2021 8:45 AM
I have been ordering from Julia for a long time now. Hands down the best g-tube pads on the market! You will not be disappointed ☺️
I wish we had known about these years ago!!!
Angela Fennemore (Bountiful, Utah) 2/18/2016 9:40 AM
My son is 18 years old and had the MACE Procedure when he was about 10 years old. Needless to say, we have had our share of permanently stained shirts. We saw the gastroenterologist about a month ago who had some samples of "button buddies" we tried out. They were great, but when we got on the Internet, we saw these that were made by Julia. We were glad that there was a more plain option and chose the 3" white pads. They were delivered in a timely manner and even had a written "thank you" note from Julia. You can tell she takes great pride in her work. The pads are very well made. We couldn't be more pleased.
much better .. . . drain pad/tape
Pam (CA) 7/26/2015 3:45 PM
Recently, I found out, you can get rid of the gauze pad/tape. I wanted to try the 3" pads. My order, came very quickly. My caregiver/I love these pads. Very soft, high quality, easy to use, and wash . We like the colors/patterns. I did order again. Julia's has excellent service. . . very pleased. . thanks, Julia.
Lea (Oregon) 2/25/2014 8:45 PM
I LOVE these pads!! My daughter's tube leaks horribly and we always put 2 gauze pads on at a time and even though we change them 6 to 8 times a day, she still leaks through onto her clothes several times a day. I found these online and ordered 12 to start. We ordered the double thick ones because she has quite a bit of space between her tummy and tube. I just came back to order 12 more! I ordered the 2.5" the first time around and I'm getting the 3" this time. I was worrried that if they held more moisture that would keep her stoma wet, but they seem to suck the moisture away WAY better than the gauze. We only have to change her tube pads 2 to 4 times a day depending on how bad she leaks and she rarely leaks through to her shirt now. Thank you Julia!!
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