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Individual 3 inch G-Tube Pads Doubles

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Price: $2.50 each
Item Number: GTPD 3
Manufacturer: Julia's Special Needs Sewing
Washable and Reuseable G-tube pads. Build your own.
Double pad is made with one side cotton fabric and flannel on the other with two layers of warm and natural batting in the middle with a plastic snap.


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Please put the quantity you want in each box. Please change the total quantity at the bottom of the page to match the total number picked. Receive .25 cents off each pad if you order 12 or more.*
GTPD 301
GTPD 302
GTPD 303
GTPD 304
GTPD 305
GTPD 306
GTPD 307
GTPD 308
GTPD 309
GTPD 311
GTPD 312
GTPD 313
GTPD 315
GTPD 316
GTPD 317
GTPD 318
GTPD 319
GTPD 321
GTPD 323
GTPD 324
GTPD 325
GTPD 326
GTPD 327
GTPD 329
GTPD 330
GTPD 331
GTPD 332
GTPD 333
GTPD 334
GTPD 336
GTPD 338
GTPD 339
GTPD 340
GTPD 341
GTPD 342
GTPD 345
GTPD 353
GTPD 357
GTPD 358
GTPD 359
GTPD 360
GTPD 361
GTPD 362
GTPD 363
GTPD 364
GTPD 365
GTPD 366
GTPD 367
GTPD 368
GTPD 369
GTPD 372
GTPD 373
GTPD 375
GTPD 376
GTPD 379
GTPD 381
GTPD 385
GTPD 386
GTPD 387
GTPD 388
GTPD 390
GTPD 391
GTPD 392
GTPD 393
GTPD 395
GTPD 396
GTPD WP 3 inch Cupcakes
GTPD WP 3 inch Pink with white dots
GTPD WP 3 inch Duck
GTPD WP 3 inch Frog
GTPD WP 3 inch Monsters
GTPD WP 3 inch Turtle
GTPD WP 3 inch White with Pink Circles
GTPD WP 3 inch Light Pink
GTPD WP 3 inch Royal Blue
GTPD WP 3 inch Purple
GTPD WP 3 inch White
GTPD WP 3 inch Red
GTPD WP 3 inch Yellow
GTPD WP 3 inch Butterfly
GTPD WP 3 inch Cheetah
GTPD WP 3 inch Robots
GTPD WP 3 inch Dinosaurs
GTPD WP 3 inch Monkey
GTPD WP 3 inch Owls
GTPD WP 3 inch Birds
GTPD WP 3 inch Floral
GTPD WP 3 inch Pirate
GTPD WP 3 inch Camo
GTPD WP 3 inch Black with Pink Flowers
GTPD WP 3 inch Multi Color Chevron
GTPD WP 3 inch Black Chevron
GTPD WP 3 inch Mint Green
GTPD WP 3 inch Dark Pink
Each individual picture shows front and back of 1 pad. Pattern varies from one pad to another. You may not get exactly what is pictured. Check yes if you understand.*

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Great product! Very professional
Nicole F (Georgia) 7/14/2015 3:02 PM
About three months ago I purchased quite a few 3" g tube pads. I recorded them promptly and first noticed the amazing quality of this product. I have used them all multiple times throwing them in the washer and dryer with the laundry bag the owner sent me! I am so impressed I just purchased 25 more! I was having computer issues and the first order went through and got declined. When I realized my error I contacted the owner promptly and she too responded within minutes! She helped me fix my order and even offered to send the additional pads through the mail only charging me for the first order! I can't wait to get my new g tube pads! I will not order from anyone else! Miss Julia's g tube pads are of the highest quality I have seen and the least expensive by a LONG shot! I know I've ordered from about 5 different companies! Her products rule the roost! Thanks Miss Julia for your kind, thoughtful, compassionate and professional ways!
Great product
Sarah G (Cambridge, MA) 1/30/2015 10:30 PM
I have a G tube and a separate J tube so I have two stomas to take care of. I have tried stoma pads from at least 5 different makers over the years, during which I have had really hard to budge issues with granulation tissue, skin burns and leakage. A lot of other products have too much sewing around the hole where it touches the stoma and also many use velcro, neither of those works well for me. I also find these ones so easy to get clean in comparison to other brands which once they get dirty are nearly impossible to clean properly. These also have a large variety of fabrics and there are plenty of cute fun options that are not exclusively childish so they work great for me (Ive been using these pads from ages 20-24) and I actually love picking them out to go with my outfit even though only I am seeing them. They also are very absorbent without being too bulky or heavy and almost always protect my clothes even if theres a lot of bile leakage. And lastly they are so affordable! with two stomas and lots of leaking issues I go through more pads each day than average so I need to get at least double the number and with this brand thats affordable because of the low prices! Thank you for making such a great product!
Quality work
Cheryl (Gresham, OR) 3/13/2013 9:30 PM
Received my order yesterday and was pleased with the G-tube pads. I appreciate the quality of your work, especially the snap closure. They are far superior to velcro pads we have used in the past. We will continue to order through you in the future.
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