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Individual 2.5 inch G-Tube Pads Singles

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Price: $2.50 each
Item Number: GTPS 2.5
Manufacturer: Julia's Special Needs Sewing
Washable and Reuseable G-tube pads Sold in sets, or build your own. Single pads are made with flannel fabric on the outside with one layer of warm and natural batting in the middle with a plastic snap.


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Please put the quantity you want in each box. Please change the total quantity at the bottom of the page to match the total number picked. Receive .25 cents off each pad if you order 12 or more.*
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GTPS 010
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GTPS 014
GTPS 015
GTPS 016
GTPS 017
GTPS 018
GTPS 019
GTPS 020
GTPS 021
GTPS 022
GTPS 023
GTPS 024
GTPS 025
GTPS 026
GTPS 029
GTPS 030
GTPS 032
GTPS 035
GTPS 038
GTPS 041
GTPS 042
GTPS 043
GTPS 044
GTPS 046
GTPS 049
GTPS 052
GTPS 054
GTPS 055
GTPS 056
GTPS 057
GTPS 059
GTPS 060
GTPS 061
GTPS 062
GTPS 064
GTPS 065
GTPS 066
GTPS 067
GTPS 068
GTPS 069
GTPS 070
GTPS 077
GTPS 078
GTPS 080
DTPS 081
Each individual picture shows front and back of 1 pad. Pattern varies from one pad to another. You may not get exactly what is pictured. Check yes if you understand.*

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Cute abd comfortable!
Ashley (Canada) 4/12/2017 4:12 PM
These GJ tube pads are the best ones I have tried! The slit makes them more comfortable to me (since using these my granulation tissue is almost non existent!). The material is great and I like the option on choosing your size. I have both single and doubles in various patterns. The price is great and Julia gets them shipped so quickly! I have now ordered 3 times and will continue to do so. Thank you Julia for what you do - It makes having a feeding tube a little more pleasent when you have comfort (and look cute hehe). Highly recommended =)
Gtube pads are amazing.
Kelly Penix (Delaware) 7/31/2013 10:34 AM
Before getting the G-tube pads my daughters site was always red and sore. My daughter would get granulation tissue which has disappeared Because of using the Gtube pads. I change her pads three times a day and add, calmosepin and her site stays beautiful. I would recommend to anyone with a Gtube. I am placing a new order now. Last time I ordered was 6 months and only one pad is no longer used due to broke snap.
High Quality G-tube pads
Jennifer (Chicgo) 1/1/2013 10:29 AM
Julia, Thank you for the high quality g-tube pads that you provide! I've tried other vendors and yours are the only ones we'll use now. They are cute, comfortable and keep my daughter's site looking perfect! I appreciate how quickly you get your orders shipped out. Your turn-around time is remarkable! Thanks again.... I'll continue to spread the word about how much we LOVE your pads!
Karen Simons (Shelton WA) 1/1/2013 9:58 AM
Karen Simons(Shelton, WA)8/15/2011 3:30 PM I've had my feeding tubes (separate g and j tubes) and have struggled with chronic redness and denuded skin around my stoma. I've tried everything including various barrier creams and frequent gauze changes, but my skin never improved. I received my order of g-tube pads within a day or two of ordering and I am so thrilled. Firstly, the pads are fun colors and patterns which make me smile every time I put a new one on. Secondly, my skin has improved so much. I no longer have redness and pain around my tubes and I know that it is because of these wonderful pads. Julia is a wonderfully sweet woman who will go out of her way to help you. She even found some bags for me to try out. I am just so happy that I ran across this website and ordered Julia's product. Her prices are the most reasonable around and her product is top-notch! I would highly recommend any of her products. I am thoroughly enjoying my purchases and will order again soon. Thank you so much Julia....I appreciate you!
Great product
Karen (United Kingdom) 1/1/2013 9:53 AM
These really are great! Lovely designs, well-made - a talking point in a positive way. And of course, they do what they're meant to do! Fab customer service too. I definitely prefer these to other similar items/makes.
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